Minecraft server hosting

Minecraft server hosting

GPORTAL Minecraft Server - Order 1

We offer you more than 250 modpacks! Click on a popular modpack or use the search bar to order a Server with your favorite modpack.

Minecraft Vanilla
2 GB recommended

2 GB recommended

2 GB recommended

Minecraft Snapshots
2 GB recommended

Paper – 1.19+
2 GB recommended

Paper – 1.18+
2 GB recommended

2 GB recommended

Paper – 1.17+
2 GB recommended

Paper – 1.16+
2 GB recommended

Mohist 1.16
2 GB recommended

Mohist 1.12
2 GB recommended

Purpur – 1.17+
2 GB recommended

Mohist 1.7.10
2 GB recommended

Paper – Older Versions
2 GB recommended

Mohist 1.18 (testing)
2 GB recommended

Purpur – 1.18+
2 GB recommended

Arclight 1.18+
2 GB recommended

Purpur – 1.16+
2 GB recommended

Forge – 1.18+
2 GB recommended

Forge – 1.19+
2 GB recommended


FTP and MySQL Database

You get free FTP and MySQL database access

Immediately online

Your server is available in under 3 minutes

DDoS protection

DDoS protection thanks to Bulwark™ and Corero, multi-layered defense for your best gaming experience

24/7 support

24/7 support via ticket system with fastest possible response


Our 5-Star Ratings on

Everything fine, very friendly and fast support.

Fantastic service. Customer service is always ready and willing and very helpful.

Used it for an Arma 3 server. With some work it far exceeded my expectations.

FAQ’s about our Minecraft server

You can simply adjust your desired server settings in our web interface (e.g. whether you want villages, NPCs, animals etc. on your seed or not; changing the max build height). After you’ve logged into our website, you can find all needed menu items on the left side and the options below.

DDoS stands for “Distributed Denial of Service”. A DDoS attack is when an overload is artificially caused by a third party for the purpose of making a service unusable. We offer you the best DDoS protection thanks to Bulwark™ and Corero with a multi-level defense for your best gaming experience without incidents.

Creating a backup protects you from losing your game progress. There are many possible causes and not all of them are influenced by your actions. This is why we recommend regularly creating backups. The creation of a backup is quite simple. You can find a corresponding menu item “Backup” in the game server menu. In addition, there are also mods or plugins that can create backups automatically, which are then available via FTP on the server.

Our Server Locations

Our Server Locations

Minecraft Gallery

Rent Minecraft server at GPORTAL

Rent your own Minecraft server now at GPORTAL and explore the adventurous block world of Minecraft! The long-running game Minecraft has been on the market for over 10 years and is as popular as ever. The huge and creative Minecraft community ensures with mods and plug-ins that you never lack new game content and adventures – and your GPORTAL Minecraft server ensures that you remain flexible for all new developments.

Easy Minecraft Server Administration with GPORTAL

With Minecraft server hosting from GPORTAL you have the possibility to easily install and try out compiled modpacks. With little effort and without the need for sophisticated server knowledge, you can easily manage your Minecraft server and have more time to play Minecraft. Control settings, modpacks and much more through our web interface, without any command line or code. This way, any Minecraft player can rent a server and start playing right away. Thanks to the unlimited slots available at GPORTAL, you can play Minecraft with all your friends at any time. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

Unlimited server slots

In addition to a high-performance server, GPORTAL also provides you with unlimited server slots. Instead of the usual server hosting models, where you pay by the slot, with us you get as many slots as you need – at any time. Whether you want to play Minecraft alone, with a few friends or in a community round, GPORTAL is the right place for you. Choose your suitable Minecraft server RAM and you can start playing right away.

Your benefits with a GPORTAL Minecraft server at a glance

  • ➝ Immediately online
  • ➝ DDoS Protection
  • ➝ SSD server hardware and high performance
  • ➝ Live Support
  • ➝ Unlimited slots
  • ➝ Minecraft Modpacks
  • ➝ Dynamic RAM Manager
  • ➝ Easy server administration via web interface

One sandbox – countless game modes

The modding community not only provides new content, but also a variety of game modes for your Minecraft hosting. Lovers of RPGs, building games and economic simulations will all get their money’s worth. Using your creativity, you can build anything you want in Minecraft: whether it’s a dream house, an underground mining city or fully automated facilities. With a little skill, you can craft the most diverse items to forge your Minecraft world according to your ideas. There is hardly anything you can’t do in Minecraft! With Minecraft server hosting from GPORTAL, you have the reins in your own hands and determine how the game is played.

More gameplay options with Minecraft mods

With a rented Minecraft server from GPORTAL you can choose from different modpacks. Thanks to a few clicks you get a pre-installed mod server. With GPORTAL, you can play your favorite Minecraft mods right away, without the need for a lengthy mod installation. Choose between All the Mods 6 (Curse), Paper, Forge, Spigot FBT Infinity Evolved, Pixelmon and many other Minecraft mod packs. You’ve had your fill of the FBT Infinity world and want to try something new? No problem! GPORTAL offers you the possibility to change the modpack on your rented Minecraft server and try out the different mods with your friends. And all that with just one click in our web interface.

For the different modpacks you need the appropriate RAM capacity on your server. GPORTAL is the best provider for Minecraft server hosting, because we always recommend the appropriate RAM size. This way, you only have to make one click and you can start playing Minecraft right away.

The ultimate foundation for your Minecraft experience

Maybe you’ve already played vanilla Minecraft and built your first Minecraft world, or maybe you’re an old veteran and have long since defeated the Ender Dragon. With your own Minecraft server you can continue the story according to your ideas. Build a fortress together with your friends, completely repaint the world in fresh textures or defeat previously unknown mobs. With the web interface of GPORTAL Minecraft Hosting, you can easily install various plug-ins and mods and be in the middle of the action in just a few minutes.

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