Our services

our services

We book domain in your ownership. Its the peace of mind we offer along with suggestions of our team helping you chose the right name.

Linux Web Hosting

Our Shared hosting packages start at just ₹1500/yr. with industry standard high end servers and Cpanel. Each site has SSL pre enabled at no extra cost

Reseller Web Hosting

We offer you Reseller linux web hosting accounts ranging from 40GB to 200GB webspace with CPanel and WHM with dedicated support team with years of experience

Windows Shared Web Hosting

We offer windows shared hosting from our USA based servers using Plesk for windows starting just ₹2400/yr

WordPress Hosting

Servers dedicated & optimised for WordPress hosting of sites offering auto updates and email accounts with in the package with CPanel access

Email Hosting

We offer you plans starting at just ₹2400/yr for 25 accounts bringing cost substantially with strong antispam system, Web mail on secure connection

our environment


Free & Fast Migration

Along with webhosting we offer you free migration. All you need is ask. Just pass on your login details for cPanel, WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb from your current web hosting company and we take care of the rest with a defined migration strategy with time schedules so no data is lost nor your users are affected.


FREE SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate is given with every shared web hosting account on our Linux Servers with ensures safety and assurance of security to your visitors and fulfills the requirement of some browsers which otherwise throw a security error. All you need is to enable it from .htaccess file and no additional configuration nor documents nor money is required.


Lets talk

We talk your language. Be free to talk to us in Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and of course English. Language breaks the communication barrier. Hey we are Punekars so prefered language is rather Marathi and proud of it. Our number is listed above fee free to call to discuss your requirements


One-click install Apps

We offer you one-click auto install Sofaculous service integrated in cPanel. Just put in the folder name, login details and it will do all the installation and even auto updation of some opensource apps.

So not satisfied with one CMS just uninstall it and install another CMS app in seconds without the need for knowing PHP coding.


Easy & Quick Resolution

Need help with your web hosting setup?

Our experienced team is available on standby for any queries and difficulties you face all day via live chat, WhatsApp and Telephone. For non emergency needs you can always open a support ticket by email.


Choose to shift to

17 Years of Experience :

We are in web hosting business in Andheri Mumbai since 2003 and Sinhagad Road Pune since 2007 Our core focus business is web hosting not Webdesigning or SEO. Our team is skilled from toubleshooting shared web hosting websites to complex cloud hosting solutions. If you read our Google Reviews most have shifted to us because their old web hosting company gave up in finding a solution.

Quality :

We offer you possibly the best infrastucture which is the industry standard when it comes to data centre, server hardware, software implementations and server security. Do mind we have strict anti-spam policies so that our IP’s don’t get affected.

Trust worthy :

From the very beginning we are clear. The customers domain is their property and they own it and also if a customer choses to leave we provide them all the support they need in migration. Over years many left but later many returned back because their designers started extortion. For some clients designers refused to provide website backup which we stitched from publically available information on the internet. So many of our customers have turned to good friends.

Secure :

Internet exposed servers are the first choice for hackers since they are high specs, fast and huge bandwidth so attacks are not uncommon ranging from DDOS, DNS and even WordPress hacks. We have security and firewalls in place to mitigate them. Even email accounts get auto suspended if the server finds to many spams going out. All this to insure website loading speeds are maintained and Ip addresses not blacklisted.

Domain Name Search Tool

Please enter your domain name to check availability ans current status

Please note the domain will be registered directly in your name.
So filling form properly is important
Also check FAQ section for any query for placing order
If you are unsure which name or extension is right for you. Give us a call. Will help you out.

frequently asked questions

Are domain name and web hosting the same ?

Consider web hosting as a car which is your container housing your passangers (here your software codes) and Domain name registration your licence number of your car which is your unique identity. 3 cars parked closely of same model and colour but are identified by their license plates. So is your website. So they are different and should be kept with different vendors from your web designer.

Some web designers club domain registration, web hosting, web designing and SEO services in 1 single lumpsum package. Thats fine but problem comes when there is a disagreement between the siteowner and designer. Where SEO work was bad or web designing incomplete or person is simply over charging with no new enhancements during the renewal.

How will I get tech support ?

Our technical team is always on standby so for any assistance related to domains or web hosting or service related do open a support ticket by email or contact up on live chat or WhatsApp. We would be glad to help.

Do I need to pay extra for SSL certificate ?

All our web hosting plans come pre-installed with FREE SSL certificate. All you need is enable it from your CMS application like WordPress or add few lines of codes to .htaccess file. It will boost your SEO ranking as well as give credibility to your website with the shield logo.

Which control panel do I get with web hosting india account ?

Linux web hosting accounts have cPanel and Windows web hosting accounts have Plesk for windows 9x. Both are versatile to manage all your requirements without the need to learn the OS. We definately recommend cPanel since its very easy and very versatile for new users.

I accidentally deleted files how to get backups ?

We have backups for ourselves but thats for system restore in event of a server crash. If you need backup of your site we do have upto max 3 days but thats chargeable to restore. So best is setup an auto schedule to mail you backup every day or every week so that its offsite and you are covered, In CMS applications you can install plugin to do it automatically.

How to tranfer my website to you?

In website transfer there are 4 components
1) Domain Name Registration: It should not be an expired domain name and domain transfer required a domain autorization code from your existing domain registrar.
2) Web Hosting : This is the website service you take for which the DNS update is required by you to point the website to our servers
3) Website Contents : You can take a backup from your Control Panel or FTP account and restore it or provide us with login credentials to copy the contents across to our server
4) Email Accounts : If you have CPanel access we can migrate the entire email system from existing setup with email contents and password. If not then manual account creation is required and you might lose the old emails

How to transfer domain to you?

Please email us the correct spelling of your domain name to check latest status and if it can be transfered but here are the steps.

1) Domain name registration should not be expired nor just few days remaining since it takes about a week to complete the process

2) All locks removed : There are privacy lock, registrar lock, client transfer locks they all need to be removed before the process can start.

3) Provide us the Authorization code also known as Secret Key or Transfer Key without which the domain transfer process cannot be innitiated.

4) Owner Approval : The admin contact listed in the domain name has to approve the domain transfer which is a security feature

Who are we? / About Us

We are a 17 year old web site hosting company started in Mumbai in 2003 and shifted to Pune in 2010. We are here standing for all this long means we might be doing something right all these years. right ?

We bring unique skill sets to the table where not just hosting we provide you with a wide range of consultancy services from Business management to SEO Services to Brand Management at a professional level

How can I resell your web hosting India services?

Yes, you are welcome to do it and there are 2 ways of going about it.

Firstly, you can take a linux reseller hosting account of 20GB and design your own packages to sell but a good amount of financial risk is involved if you don’t sell quite many packages.

Secondly, you can take our shared linux web hosting and shared windows web hosting packages individually so billing is back to back and you add a markup to our price and sell. Once you hit about 20 accounts you can consider moving them all to a linux reseller account where all your unused contract credits are adjusted. This is not provided by any web hosting company except us.

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