Hosting: Mysterious Name. We Decided To See How They Perform. Hosting: Mysterious Name. We Decided To See How They Perform.

OVH is the largest web hosting company in Europe, serving customers with a variety of high-performance servers.

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  1. Multiple datacenters across the world
  2. Wide range of dedicated servers that can be provisioned quickly
  3. Choose between a custom, cPanel, or Plesk control panel
  1. Limited options for immediate support
  2. You are responsible for backups

15+ OVH customers score this host 2.9 out of 5 stars, with above-average marks for features and quality.

Is OVH Perfect for Your Website?

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OVH isn’t the most well-known web hosting provider, but this international company serves 1.4 million customers in 138 countries.

OVH offers a full suite of hosting plans at competitive prices. But does it deliver the value and benefits you require?

Our expert OVH review will help you decide if OVH is right for you.

What Is OVH?

OVH is a leading French-based hosting provider that provides a full range of web hosting and server hosting designed to fit a variety of clients.

Clients include small website owners all the way to large businesses who are seeking the latest cloud infrastructure solutions for their business. VPS hosting plans begin at $3.35 a month when paid annually.

Who is OVH?

OVH was originally founded in 1999 by Octave Klaba in Lille, France. In the following years, OVH began to grow and expand its services across France and the rest of Europe in 2006 when it opened its first subsidiaries in Poland, Spain and Senegal.

Today, it is the largest hosting provider across all of Europe.

OVH web hosting has a global customer base

The web hosting company also expanded into Africa, the United States and Canada making it a worldwide player in the hosting server market.

OVH plays host to as many as 18 million websites and currently has almost 3 million domain names registered through their service.

OVH Hosting

OVH provides web hosting and email options for customers with a wide variety of needs.

Even entry-level hosting packages come with features that help to make your site reliable, fast and secure.

What Features Come With OVH Web Hosting plans?

Depending on the type of plan you choose, you will get access to several features to make it easier to run your site, and improve its performance.

  • Anti DDoS to improve security
  • Custom control panel or cPanel/Plesk control panel
  • Email hosting
  • Toll-free 24/7 phone support
  • An Service Level Agreement (SLA) so you can request service credits for downtime

OVH Hosting Plans

OVH offers a variety of web hosting plans designed to meet the needs of website owners and businesses.

While OVH is an international company, it appears some services are not available in all regions.

For instance, the shared hosting plans do not appear on the U.S website. OVH created a seperate entity for its U.S operations, OVH US. According to the OVH website: “You can only order services hosted in the US through the OVH US website….”

If you’re in the UK, you can take out a shared hosting plan from £1.69 per month. The shared hosting plans come with unlimited traffic, and disk space starts at 100GB and up to 500 GB on the top tier plans.

You will get a free domain for the first year. There are limited 1-click installs, only offering WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Prestashop.

OVH hosting offers shared hosting for UK customers

According to the general OVH website (not region specific), there are three main ways you can host your web projects with OVH web hosting: VPS, Dedicated servers and dedicated cloud.

OVH web hosting offers cloud and VPS hosting on its international site

We provide a quick overview in the table and expand on these plans below.

OVH web hosting has 27 data centers

The company also provides some of the fastest available speeds in the business giving their customers a minimum of 1 Gbps all the way up to 40 Gbps for the larger customers who require more bandwidth.

Customer Support and Service

OVH provides customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but their solutions are not designed for IT newbies.

Video: OVH provides tutorials like this one to help customers complete technical tasks on their own.

Most of their solutions provide you the framework to do what you want but you will have to configure those options for yourself. While you can access 24/7 phone support to help you if something doesn’t work as intended, you may find yourself having to wait.

Instead, they give customers access to services, like the real-time status data centers, so they can better troubleshoot.

OVH customers can check the real-time status of data centers

OVH believes you are the expert and gives you the freedom to run your server how you want without interference from them. That’s why clients can check the status of data centers and run diagnostic tests of their hardware.

OVH Support options include:

  • 24/7 toll-free phone support
  • Email support
  • Online FAQs
  • Online documentation for dedicated cloud products
  • A forum – currently being migrated

What’s OVH Customer Service Like?

Customer reviews for OVH are mixed. This is no surprise – reviews usually come from customers who feel strongly about a brand, either way.

Some customers were full of praise for OVH, while others cite frequent and unexplained periods of downtime, and lengthy response times.

Security and Uptime

Like many providers, OVH boasts an uptime of above 99%. This figure, of course, doesn’t include any maintenance that must be performed on the server to ensure its continued security and viability moving forward.

OVH offers some of the best security options in the business as well. As you can probably imagine, if you are hosting an Exchange email server or a cloud based file server for your company, you want to make sure your sensitive data is protected. OVH runs hardware based firewalls to shield your server from attack.

OVH DDoS Protection

OVH also employs DDoS security to discourage and prevent denial of service attacks on your server.

Billing Policies and Procedures

OVH offers competitive prices on all their many different server options and most are billed on a monthly basis. Some of their larger packages including dedicated servers and cloud hosting solutions also have setup fees associated with them.

Unlike other companies, OVH does not offer any refunds on their servers meaning if you aren’t happy, you will be out the money including any setup fees.

However, OVH does offer a payment extension policy that will allow you to delay billing for up to 5 days if you need a little extra time to pay your bill. This isn’t free time, however, and you will be charged for the additional 5 days when you are billed.

OVH Pros and Cons

  1. Affordable hosting packages
  2. Detailed tutorials and active community forum
  3. Wide range of highly customizable web hosting plans
  4. SLA so you get credits in case of downtime
  1. Limited support options; immediate support isn’t guaranteed
  2. Limited 1-click installs – some web hosts will offer hundreds
  3. OVH provides a backup tool for some hosting plans, but they don’t carry out the service for you
  4. Some plans come with a customized control panel, not cPanel or Plesk

Is OVH hosting Right for You?

OVH has some happy customers, and a few dissatisfied ones, too. Key complaints are poor uptime and slow response time from customer service reps.

OVH offers a wide variety of features and services designed for a wide range of customers. Their systems are setup to expand easily so you can easily add services when necessary as your needs or the needs of your business expand.

If you are in search of a one-stop solution to host all your needs including cloud solutions, email and web hosting, OVH is a company you should consider. If you are new to web hosting and embarking on a small project, this web hosting provider may not be the best option for your needs.

The best OVH alternative depends on what you need your website to do. Bluehost, SiteGround and InMotion are popular competitors with several types of hosting packages. If you need powerful cloud infrastructure, provider like Digital Ocean offers cloud computing platforms.

At the time of writing, OVH has servers in 27 data centers across the world. Locations include Paris, Canada, Poland, Singapore, London and Australia.

Distributed denial of service attacks are destructive cyber attacks. These types of attacks can disrupt your site severely. OVH comes with anti-DDoS protection. The solution provides constant protection; there are limits on the volumes of attacks OVH DDoS will protect against.

You can rent a dedicated game server from OVH for different online games, including Minecraft. The game server range comes with Anti-DDoS Game and voice chat programs.

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