The Best Cloud Hosting Providers for Small & Large Enterprises in 2022

The Best Cloud Hosting Providers for Small & Large Enterprises in 2022

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Looking for the best cloud hosting for small or medium scale business, or enterprise needs?

We evaluated, compared and ranked the top 6 cloud hosting providers for small businesses, as well as the 5 best for medium-sized operations and enterprises.

Here’s how we ranked the leading cloud hosts:

  • We listed the criteria for small, mid-range, and enterprise cloud hosts.
  • We evaluate features, performance, reputation and support.
  • We compare pricing packages and value for money.

Jump straight to the best:

Best Small Scale Cloud Hosting Providers

The majority of online websites are low-demanding projects — they only take a couple of gigabytes of space, a steady amount of traffic, and rarely outgrow even the shared environment.

Still, it’s understandable if you want more.

Cloud computing is a relatively new technology, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s costly.

On the contrary, there are some cloud hosting companies that have found a way to cater to smaller projects, allowing them to get a feel of the service at the lowest possible rates.

Best Entry-Level Cloud Hosting Providers in 2022

The Lithuanian provider fixes us up with some lightning-fast cloud packages that pack a lot of heat. Your resources are completely isolated from other clients so you can take full advantage of the server. Great worldwide coverage. Full Review

  • • Isolated account resources
  • • Integrated caching
  • • Free dedicated IP

Scala Hosting is one of the mavericks of cloud hosting. Its SPanel grants complete control and supervision, while the modern infrastructure guarantees flexibility and power. This is a host with transparent pricing, stellar performance and expert cloud support. Full Review

  • • Superb support
  • • Adjustable network speed
  • • Great renewal fees

Just as the winds blow with different intensity, Hostwinds creates servers of vastly different capabilities. Ideal for entry-level projects and small businesses, the host provides also machines with insane computing power. 99.99% uptime, 14-days money-back guarantee, and support that never disappoints make Hostwind a prime choice. Full Review

  • • Wide variety of plans
  • • Instant scalability
  • • Top-notch support

Reasonable offering with good uptime and OK speed, the HostGator Cloud is suitable for undemanding projects, as it is more akin to shared hosting than to VPS. It is scalable on demand, redundant and secure. Full Review

  • • Unmetered space
  • • Good extra features
  • • Unlimited bandwidth

BigRock is the best cloud host for Indian users. Flexible, affordable and scalable, the cloud setup is ideal for small and growing projects that will enjoy great safety, uptime and performance. Full Review

  • • Great for Indian entrepreneurs
  • • Super affordable
  • • Automatic failover

Vultr delivers 10 plans and automatic scalability that can host any project. Quick server deployment and proprietary speed boosters make for unparalleled control and performance. Full Review

  • • Ample resources
  • • LVE containers
  • • Multiple data center locations

Best Cloud HostingProviders For Mid-Range Businesses

We are now in the middle ground of cloud services.

Our project has outgrown its home and amassed a fair amount of popularity in the form of traffic.

Where to from here?

The next three on the list can rightfully claim to be among the best cloud hosting providers on the market right now.

Their services don’t come cheap, but when it comes to getting a bang for your buck — you can safely trust one of those choices.

Best Mid-range Cloud Hosting Providers in 2022

A wide variety of technologies – Apache/Nginx, CentOS, MySQL, and more – on fully-optimized servers powered by advanced custom kernel boosts make SiteGround Cloud a powerhouse. Add to the mix excellent support and seamless scalability and you get a service that you won’t want to leave. Ever. Full Review

  • • Great scalability
  • • Top-notch support
  • • Daily backups

CDN, DDoS protection, integrated firewall, and advanced security tools make Liquid Web a top choice for growing projects. All this runs on state-of-the-art servers configured by some of the most knowledgeable hosting experts in the industry. A truly stellar offer. Full Review

  • • Great choice of control panels
  • • Outstanding support
  • • 100GB backup space

1&1 Ionos is the ideal solution for businesses on tight budget. Generous plans and dedicated support make for great business collaboration with the most successful German cloud host. Full Review

  • • Great price
  • • Feature-rich servers
  • • Generous plans

Kamatera provides powerful business cloud hosting and backs it up with superb support and flexible billing practices. Weekly usage reviews, log clearings and DNS updates are some of the users of this advanced cloud host enjoy. Full Review

  • • Highly-customizable servers
  • • No single point-of-failure
  • • Hourly and monthly billing

ChemiCloud delivers superb service. Quick, knowledgeable and efficient support, powerful infrastructure, dedicated IP and free SSL will send your project through the clouds and beyond in no time! Full Review

  • • Spotless reputation
  • • Free Dedicated IP & SSL
  • • Free cPanel license

Best Enterprise Cloud Hosting Providers

We have entered the zone where the big boys play.

Money is rarely a concern for those in need of enterprise cloud services, as long as their project gets the optimized environment it needs.

That’s not exactly as simple as it sounds.

Many enterprise projects include a complex configuration that can only run smoothly in a specific environment.

Ensuring a healthy climate is one of the prime targets of hosts in this niche.

Best Enterprise Cloud Hosting Providers in 2022

Full flexibility, unmatched choice of hosting technologies, intelligent resource management, superb support, locations ALL around the world – AWS has it all, which is why the service is the undisputed king of the global cloud hosting scene. Full Review

  • • Vast array of resources
  • • Numerous APIs
  • • Free trial

Microsoft entered the cloud hosting space with a BANG! and it means business. Microsoft Azure is ideally suited for corporate environment offering the best Windows servers and backing them up with great support and massive community. Full Review

  • • Best for Windows servers
  • • Great for startups
  • • Free trial

Impressive toolset – Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Storage, and Big Query are just a few crowd-favorites – make Google Cloud suited for all kinds of industries. The support grows with the size of the service. Pair that with the billing system and you get a very fairly structured cloud hosting solution. Full Review

  • • Per-second billing
  • • Global private networks
  • • Multitude of apps

Rackspace is ideal for projects with fluctuating traffic. Experts in cloud management, the Rackspace supports public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud to deliver smooth service and unrivaled technical expertise. Full Review

  • • Multi-cloud management
  • • Pay-per-use pricing
  • • Superb disaster recovery

The solution for seriously big players, IBM Cloud successfully serves even the most demanding projects. Its Infrastructure Management System provides unmatched control and customization options. Full Review

  • • Free Lite account
  • • Optimized workloads
  • • Amazing disaster recovery

Cloud Hosting Providers – Categories & Definitions

Cloud services have taken the technology world by storm and web hosting makes no difference.

The expansion was so rapid that a whopping 94% of all enterprises already utilize a cloud product or service in their daily operations.

Getting on the cloud is a no-brainer. It’s faster and better secured than a shared account. At the same time, it’s much more affordable than a dedicated server.

So today, the best cloud hosting providers are in the spotlight.

We often discuss the process of choosing a new host and the many hidden bits to watch out for — hardware, handy features, security measures, well-versed support operators. As important as they all are, oftentimes it boils down to the simplest decision-making factor — cost.

Our mission today is to analyze the top cloud hosts in each of the niches – entry-level, business, and enterprise. We will see which providers have the most features or best support while keeping their prices at a reasonable level.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers (Small Scale Businesses)

1. Hostinger

1. Hostinger

Hostinger cloud package is a versatile and reliable platform that allows you to focus solely on your business.

Fully managed and powerful, this cloud service utilizes the latest technologies to deliver great redundancy, account isolation, and performance.

While the Hostinger system administrators take care of updates and maintenance you can optimize and perfect your online presence.


Hostinger Cloud is ideally suited for business projects.

You pay not only for the hardware but also for a service – the Hostinger support team takes care of all technicalities for you so you can enjoy the ride.

Here’s the gear that powers the vehicle that will drive your online success:

You can host up to 300 websites and enjoy unlimited bandwidth. You get free domain registration, dedicated IP address, a free SSL, and CloudFlare integration to set up a secure and quick operation.

The smallest of the three plans allows for 800,000 inodes (the number of individual files you can store), while the biggest quadruples that number.

These are fairly solid numbers that fit well with the overall resource allocation:

  • 3GB / 6GB / 12GB RAM
  • 200GB / 250GB / 300GB SSD space
  • 2/4/6 CPU cores

On top of that, you get daily backups, an intuitive proprietary control panel, and LVE containers that guarantee redundancy and security through strong account isolation.


Hostinger has a support team dedicated solely to its cloud clients. 24/7/365 the cloud support team monitors and maintains the machines purring.

Now, getting access to this team is a touch tricky.

Don’t get me wrong, they answer and are helpful.

The issue is that they answer only over email.

There is no phone support, nor live chat. You can find a “Chat now” button but it leads to a contact form.

As I said, the support you receive is quite OK but the medium of email makes it slower than phone or chat.


Hostinger cloud comes in three sizes.

  • Cloud Startup – $9.99/mo
  • Cloud Professional – $18.99/mo
  • Cloud Enterprise– $69.99/mo

*Available with a 4-year prepayment

Hostinger recognizes that four years might be quite the commitment for many so it applies hefty discounts to one- and two-year deals too.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee in place, too.

The three cloud plans scale up nicely. Each iteration adds more SSD space, RAM, CPU cores, inodes, active processes. Regardless of the chosen deal, you are eligible for some lucrative perks like dedicated IP, free SSL certificate, and daily backups.

The really awesome feature that scales up is the speed booster that quadruples with the biggest plan.

2. Scala Hosting

2. Scala Hosting

Free Spanel & Paid CPanel

Scala Hosting is a versatile hosting provider that is growing fast thanks to its undeniably innovative ideas.

Users benefit from a fully managed cloud setup enriched with numerous proprietary technologies. In fact, Scala has so much faith in its cloud hosting solutions that it guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

From the looks of user reviews, the confidence is not misplaced.

Let’s see how Scala’s “customer comes first” culture works out for the users.


When you look into Scala’s managed hosting, you’ll run into four recommended plans:

  • Start—1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage
  • Advanced—2 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage
  • Business—4 CPU core, 6GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage
  • Enterprise—6 CPU core, 8GB RAM, 80GB SSD storage

The thing to understand is that these are just commonly used cloud hosting servers—they are suggestions more than anything else.

You are free to pick custom resource allocation for your server without any price penalty. For instance, if your app is CPU-heavy, you can just get more processing power. That way, you’re guaranteed not to overpay for resources you don’t need.

You can scale up to 24 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, and 50GB storage, which is enough to take on even complex projects.

One of the main advantages Scala brings to the table, however, is SPanel. While most providers have you pay extra for a control panel license, Scala includes a proprietary solution for free.

The control panel does practically everything cPanel does, even lets you resell unlimited hosting accounts, all at no extra charge. It also integrates with popular software like WHMCS.

If you prefer cPanel, though, the cloud web hosting provider sells licenses for it too.

As for other features, daily offsite backups are included in the price, and the servers are protected with Scala’s proprietary security suite. It gets you more reliability than you would expect from a budget-friendly host like Scala.

WordPress enthusiasts can access yet another in-house tool. SWordPress Manager adds an additional layer of WP security and efficiently handles WordPress installation and automatic updates.

The cloud-based servers can work for fresh websites as well as larger-scale projects, making Scala a host to be reckoned with.


Many hosting providers like to bang their own drum when it comes to support. Scala actually delivers on these promises.

The support team is available 24/7, and all queries get a quick response.

But this is just scratching the surface. Even the frontline live chat agents go above and beyond to help. Only the most complicated of queries get escalated to a server admin, who usually quickly fix whatever is plaguing your server.

The support team exceeds all expectations.


  • Start—Starts at $9.95/month, renews at $13.95/month
  • Advanced—Starts at $21.95/month, renews at $25.95/month
  • Business—Starts at $41.95/month, renews at $49.95/month
  • Enterprise—Starts at $63.95/month, renews at $67.95/month

Scala Hosting’s cloud server prices get a bit complicated since you can design a custom server. It’s your best bet to check out the provider’s price calculator for an estimate of the hosting costs

Keep in mind you need to prepay for three years to get the best deal. That said, the monthly and annual pricing isn’t much more expensive either.

All things considered, we’re talking about pretty decent value across the board. Since you don’t have to pay extra for a web hosting control panel, Scala ends up one of the most lucrative cloud hosting services.

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